Thursday, 1 July 2010

Day 2 Canterbury to Le Touquet

After a thoroughly good breakfast and a quick photo, we left just as the heavens opened. Our plan to hide from the rain in a gateway failed miserably and in the end we decided to brave the weather and set off. The route was quite simple (with a single slight difference of opinion) which delayed us by an hour. It led to us having to quicken our pace significantly, or risk missing our ferry to France altogether. We were the last passengers on the ferry and arrived with literally seconds to spare. In Calais we set a reasonable pace along the coast, but soon it became apparent that we would not be able to keep it up as the wind was horrifically strong. Only half way through this leg of the journey were we completely wiped out. A unanimous decision to leave the coastal road after Boulogne and head inland meant that at least we had no headwind to contend with, but the problem of overheating soon took its place. We arrived late in Le Touquet just in time to watch Spain beat Portugal and get something to eat. Another tiring day and what would turn out to be the longest, at 140 km!

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