Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 6 Honfleur to Bayeux

By now our muscles and knees were no longer in a state fit to be used to the extent that we were using them. They had started to ache constantly, and we knew that the immediate uphill and following climbs would take their toll on us. But we knew we simply had to keep going, so we simply pedalled harder, enjoying the downhills we had worked so hard to achieve. It was on one of these that we met another cyclist who was carrying a colossal amount of equipment. We later found out that he was carrying kit to last him until late September when he would finish his cycle. He had left from Dusseldorf in Germany on 23rd June and would cycle every day until he reached his final destination in Porto (Portugal). He acted as our pacemaker for a good few hours, including up some phenomenal hills and their respective downhills, where in one case we reached 72km/h. We finally arrived in Bayeux to find the town in celebration of their cultural heritage with a medieval weekend. It was fantastic to see people dressed as monks rolling barrels of wine down the street, and to experience the sights and sounds (and smells!) of Bayeux as it would have been 500 years ago. We eventually decided to go for it and have dinner right in the middle of the celebrations by the cathedral. We weren’t brave enough, however, to try the medieval menu. Stuffed pig’s trotter anyone?

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