Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 5 Veulettes sur Mer to Honfleur

We again set out relaxed and at ease, although we knew that the day would be arduous and long. The route we chose went inland, and towards the port of Le Havre. The countryside along the way seemed stereotypical of France: isolated farms, acres and acres of fields settled on rolling hills and the occasional picturesque village. However, the exhausting heat destroyed our interest in the surrounding pastureland and having made an error in the route, we decided to take a stretch of motorway to avoid back-tracking. This turned out to be the single worst idea we made, as conflict of varying degrees of intensity broke out between us. Eventually we arrived at the base of the Pont de Normandie, the 4th largest cable-stayed bridge in the world. By evening, with our tempers cooling, we had reached Honfleur. We dropped off our kit at our hotel, and then went to have dinner in a restaurant by the port, where there was a stunning view across to the old marketplace, just behind which were typical French seaside houses (incredibly tall and narrow). Incidentally, this was the place where the boat propeller was invented.

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