Sunday, 4 July 2010

Day 4 : Eu To Veulettes

After a truly French baguette breakfast, we made good progress in the morning as we headed towards Dieppe, where we stopped along the way to top up our lunches with just picked peaches and nectarines. Before lunch we followed a small road along the beach and resisted the urge to have an ice cream; stopping instead at the Manoir d'Ango, the oldest Renaissance manor in France, to have our homemade pate sandwiches. We continued on our way taking a slightly larger road. However the route was littered with hills which made the going slow and difficult, as well as tiring us to the extent that we forgot to look where we were going, and ended up utterly lost. We finally arrived in Veulettes, hot, exhausted and ready for a swim in the Channel, or at least Haydn and Cyprien were. Charles and Billy welcomed the returning heroes as they returned from the icy waters, having resisted the urge to take Cyprien and Haydn’s shoes, towels and t-shirts and run off with them. Later that evening, after a heated debate, we decided to drop the idea of mini-golf, and instead we ate moules by the seashore. With time to spare we commenced a card game, of which the only rule I can tell you is this one.

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